Local Leagues

Our members are passionate activists who support our work in Iowa. 

Joining the League of Women Voters is a great way to get involved in your community and play an active role in our democracy. Click on the interactive map below to visit each league’s website or Facebook page. Contact information for each league is listed below the map.

League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County
President: Carolyn Klaus, [email protected]
Secretary: Rebecca Hoeppner, [email protected]
Treasurer: Barb Espeland, [email protected]
Membership: Judy Jones, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Black Hawk-Bremer Counties
President: Cherie Dargan, [email protected]
Vice President: Mike Dargan, [email protected]
Secretary: Jeri Thornsberry, [email protected]
Treasurer: Marcia Buttgen, [email protected]
Membership: Lisa Munoz, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Dubuque
President: Tamara Prenosil, [email protected]
Secretary: Sue Wilson, [email protected]
Treasurer: Sarah Wirth, [email protected]
Membership: Tamara Prenosil, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Grinnell
Co-President: Ivy Schuster, [email protected]
Co-President: Terese Grant, [email protected]
Secretary: Carolyn Jacobson, [email protected]
Treasurer: Sheryl Bissen, [email protected]
Membership: Barbara Brown, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Jasper County
President: Bonnie Pitz, [email protected]
Treasurer: Linda Kirchhoff, [email protected]
Membership: Cindy Pollard, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Johnson County
Co-President: Miriam Timmer-Hackert, [email protected]
Co-President: Paula Vaughan, [email protected]
Vice President: Bea Hicks, [email protected]
Secretary: Susan Enzle, [email protected]
Treasurer: Hazel Seaba, [email protected]
Membership: Jeanne Bancroft, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Linn County
President: Jean McMenimen, [email protected]
First Vice President: Barb Wild, [email protected]
Second Vice President: Carolyn Stephenson, [email protected]
Second Vice President: Susan Van Woert, [email protected]
Secretary: Karen Lewis, [email protected]
Treasurer: Jane Carlson, [email protected]
Membership: Kelzye Bedwell, [email protected]

Membership: Janet Boddicker-Rampulla, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Des Moines
President: Teresa Bomhoff, [email protected]
Co-Vice President: Karen Person, [email protected]
Co-Vice President: Mary Ellen Miller, [email protected]
Secretary: John Olsen, [email protected]
Treasurer: vacant

League of Women Voters of Muscatine
President: Holly Oppelt, [email protected]
Vice President: Kris Weis, [email protected]
Secretary: Sue Thielmann, [email protected]
Treasurer: Jean Clark, [email protected]
Membership: Mel Steckel, [email protected]
Program Director: Micki Tripp, [email protected]
Program Director: Sandra Stanley, [email protected]
Program Director: Paula Stover, [email protected]
Voter Service: Karen Cooney, [email protected]
The Voter: Sue Johannsen, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of North Iowa
Co-President: Nancy Lund, [email protected]
Co-President: Jennifer Ramaeker, [email protected]
Secretary: Abby Donald, [email protected]
Treasurer: Jessica Tierney, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Ottumwa
Co-President: Peg Lazio, [email protected]
Vice President: Mike Miller, [email protected]
Secretary: Connie Wilson, [email protected]
Treasurer and Co-President: Sarah Sels, [email protected]

League of Women Voters of Sioux City
President: Dagna Simmons, [email protected]
Vice President: vacant
Secretary: Lori Berning
Treasurer: Katie Colling